Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Moving - in pictures :)

Ok, here's the OVERLOAD of pictures from events of this past week

I was at work at this time :( but as you can tell, it was REALLY dark when they moved all of D's college-stuff-from-storage into the house.
Here's my dad and bro
2 of D's Uncles
D and another one of his uncles (his dad is one of 5 brothers) and my brother in the doorway

(I don't think I took any pictures Tuesday/Wednesday... :/ oh well)
This is the first morning to wake up in our room. Bathroom through the doorway to the right.
(we're still waiting on bedroom furniture... but that's a WHOLE other post in itself - can we say DRAMA!?)
our big walk-in closet
Our bathroom - pardon the mess on the counter :)
The kitchen... going out towards the backyard
Ok... this isn't even all the trash... the next day, Friday, I unpacked more things from boxes... the pile of trash ended up going in front of our stove! and there's more around the other side of the fridge!!!
The other view... going into the living room
the living room (with all our laundry and more boxes) the passthrough is the kitchen :)
Our backyard, with a shed. They left us some yard items... but, I think we'll be taking them down :0

our MAJOR overhaul of trash!
and that's all compacted with boxes inside boxes... it was a lot!
and I was VERY tired!

our living room all CLEAN!
I got the rug for my birthday this year :)
the other half of the living room. The door goes to the garage, and it's in a hallway with guest bedroom/bath on left and our office on right (on the other side of the love seat wall)
Align Center
D in our office
guest bathroom - a-la Texas Tech for D :)
We put the curtain up that day.
our Kitchen, somewhat together... still a few boxes for other things we need to move
the door to the right is the back door...
cleaner :)
our REALLY tall bushes!
The one on the left, leading up to the front door, was the one that someone could so hide behind. It was kind of scary at night...
D figuring it all out :)
Mom came to help - thanks Mom!

I took this one this morning... because I forgot on Saturday... but LOOK - we can see our house :)

We had a basketball goal on the far left fence (close to the shed) I didn't want it, and it was kind of put in badly, it would sag/lean over... so, my brother (the he-man he is) decided he'd take care of it... haha
so, they pulled it out... and D came to help celebrate :)
hahaha oh my!

MONDAY (Labor Day):
here we are starting to paint...

Mom starting the baseboards
ta da!!! my brother and dad came to help finish... it looks so good "Toasted Wheat"
haha - if you haven't already guessed... my brother's a ham...
all finished... (with the living room that is :) )

Dad and Mom on Dad's B-day dinner :)
haha, this was right after we all said YEE-HAW!

Here's the bday YEE-HAW... sorry it's kind of dark :/

here's what I did in the bathroom... before I left for work.
(it's kind of hard to tell... but it's "Rainwashed Blue" now :) )

still lots to do, but oh so fun!



LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!! Oh my I almost cried...I think that is the best post of all time!!!! I cant wait to see it in real life...SOON! Love it and you too and your sweet family! :)