Friday, September 11, 2009


Ok - so, this is long, but I will be brief... cause I almost don't want to talk about it at all! - ha!

Well, I am very grateful for D's parents in offering to buy us a bed set. Because the bed set they found (through a co-worker) is a very good deal. I won't say no to that.

But, it's not really my style of bed... I would rather something else... I'm sure it'll look just fine, but I haven't even seen it at all!

So, the drama of it all is this:

The person they are buying it from is going through a bad divorce. She just wanted quick money and really, she just didn't want the bedroom set anymore.

If we had closed on our actual first closing date (Aug 26th) then we could've come and got the furniture that evening. The lady had been holding it in her house (which she's trying to sell) as "filler" furniture. It would've been no problem.

But, since we closed almost a week later... we didn't get it that week.

Well, her husband had no idea that she had sold it... but, well, he randomly came in to get it last weekend and so, now....... he has our bedroom set.

The lady found out what he did and told D's parents... and ever since then it has been DRAMA! the husband didn't want to give it up... so we were going to go look for other furniture (which I would have rather done) But, it would cost more... which D didn't like...

well after his parents talked to lawyers (yes, it went that far) he is now giving it up (after LOTS of talking) and letting D's parents get what they actually paid for...

So, tomorrow, they will be going to get the furniture. I already told D that I wasn't going to get involved and that I would not be going...

Ugh! I hate this kind of stuff - it would've been so much easier in the beginning if we were just able to pick out our own furniture!!!

Thanks for listening to my frustration!

IF (cause I don't know what will happen tomorrow) we get the bedroom set... I'll post pics of it next week...

I hope I like it :/
especially after all this frustration and DraMa!!!!