Monday, April 6, 2009

Weekend Recap - yes another one :)

Hey Ladies...

I am so sad to be back from such a fun weekend. But, it's ok... because that means I'm that much closer to the wedding!

Me and my mom headed north for my BRIDAL portriats!!! It was so fun and so magical and as my best friend said - "Remember to Remember" and to soak it all in... I hope I did just that! It was a blast!

After the wedding, you can view the pics here :)

So we took pictures Saturday it was a beautiful day. It was a little hot, but I'm glad we didn't do it on Sunday... Sunday it was windy and COLD!

On Sunday, my mom and I hit the Outlets :) I did some damage for honeymoon wear:

I got 3 shirts... a dress to go away in - surprise :) 

The Coach clutch in the pic is a fun story... so, I was going to see about getting a small clutch to carry around on the honeymoon.. that way D wouldn't have to lug around a wallet, plus we would be going swimming a lot, and that just doesn't add up... Wallet + Swimwear = NO :) So... I found this clutch... cute, but it was originally $89. ehh - Not so much! This coach lady said "oh, no, that's from the $39 bin" - "Where did you get this?" I showed her... she said, "we haven't seen that color green strap in a while, let me go scan it for you." She came back and said "what do you want it for?" I was like... she wants me to BID on it? haha! She said... the style is older, so it's on sale for $15!!!!!! $15 for ANYTHING COACH... for reals!!


K & B Tell All :)

I am so glad that you REMEMBERED!!! I am going to need a sneek at the pics because clearly I CAN NOT wait that long! LOVE the finds at the outlet and LOVE the clutch...great idea and great price!!! Love you and miss you tons!


Wow! Great deal on the coach clutch!!!

Glad to hear that you bridal portraits went well! I can't wait to see pictures!

Courtney Moore

wooooo girl! that's AWESOME that you got that clutch for $15! WOW! I love all the cute stuff! SO FUN!