Thursday, April 23, 2009


It is so surreal, that... within the next 30 DAYS I will become a MRS.!!! OH MY!
30 days
or 4 weeks
or 4 Saturdays (hearing that is fun!) :)

I want to remember it ALL!!!
This is so fun! :)

So, on this one month countdown day... I feel like I can breathe easier at what's been accomplished:

1) final payment to florist
2) photography schedule for wedding day
3) meeting with rental company tomorrow at 10:30am
4) finalized Cake details
5) meeting with our reception venue for last details May 2 @ 2pm
6) emailed florist little details
7) emailed DJ for a meeting

I still have a lot to do, but earlier this week I was hyperventilating... I felt like I had SO much to do... It's mostly last minute details (as you can see) I need to meet/call each of these vendors to tell them times... so that will be next :)