Friday, April 10, 2009

Not a lot

Well, honestly not a lot has been going on. I don't know if that is a good thing or a bad thing - haha!

I have some senior portraits to do tomorrow. That will be fun. Easter is always fun!

I just got my invitation to my "shower" if you get my drift... so fun and they are so cute!!

My parents gave D and I their wedding present to us this week ~ a wonderful night's stay in a hotel downtown the night of our wedding! :) And - it's on the river side :) SO NICE and one more thing that we can cross off our list!

We are meeting with our pastor this Tuesday and also meeting with a lady who will help us with decor on Wednesday. I have to schedule a meeting with our Florist, Baker, and Reception Venue to take care of last minute details and changes.

GIRLS - Do I ever need to work out. I started doing WW for like a month. I think I had lost somewhere between 3-5 lbs. That's because I was also working out. I have not gone to work out since LAST Monday! It makes me sick... and the worst part of it is - when I am stressed (which this week definitely brought on) I start to eat more and worse. Some people eat less, why can't that be me!? But, I have gained weight again.

So, I hope to get back on track. I don't need to drop a lot of pounds at all... I like my size, just want to tone up and loose some middle section :) especially for the honeymoon! So, really just work out as much as I can :)

I can't believe that next week we'll be in the 30's in our countdown!!!!