Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Premarital Counsel #2: Waffles and Spaghetti

We had our 2nd Premarital Counsel this morning... you can read about the first here. :)

We talked a lot about the differences in a man and woman's brain... it was quite entertaining :)
Men are left brained: practical/resonable/straight forward/one-track mind
Women are right brained: emotional/creative/artistic/multi-tasker
If we were both right/or left brained... humanity would have ceased to exist...

Back in the day, before the industrial revolution, men were either farmers or hunters. The women didn't have birth control... so their primary role was the care-giver of the home, with many kids. The men went and hunted... if they got distracted or read the animal tracks wrong (or whatever) their family would have gone hungry for the day. They didn't have refrigeration or anything... so, they had to go out for their food everyday... men are assignment-oriented... our pastor said "what if the hunter was distracted by a field of flowers - oh those are the prettiest flowers (something a girl would do) - his family would starve" on the other hand... at home... what if the woman was like "fend for yourselves... I can only do one thing at a time" to her kids?? Humanity would probably not be existing. But, that's why women are multi-taskers and men are not... it's the way we were created by God to exist.

Our pastor also said (which I find funny) "Men are simple beings... that doesn't excuse D or any man for their actions... but, God created Adam as a prototype... we are simple, one task at a time kind of a being..." - "But, God made an upgrade in Eve" :)

One of the greatest analogies was "men are like waffles, women are like spaghetti" -->

WAFFLES have compartments... men compartmentalize... so, there's a compartment for work/home/Brittney/hobbies... etc. and those compartments don't ever touch. Our preacher said, "Brittney, you're going to realize that D's not going to think about you at work, because he's in his "work" compartment..." haha! Many women don't seem to understand this, because we're like SPAGHETTI... He said - Brittney, you are a multi-tasker... EVERYTHING touches (hence the spaghetti)... you're thinking about work/Derik/cleaning the house/the laundry/ what you're going to wear tomorrow/what you're going to eat for dinner etc.... hahaha! IT'S SO TRUE!!!

Bro. Steve said... "D - you better not lie to her, because she'll catch you in a yankee minute" he said it's been studied but not identified why women can read into things and how we can almost always tell if something's wrong... or if you're not being truthful! crazy stuff!

He also said that there's a study on the amount of words a man and a woman speak a day...
Men = 15,000
Women - 25,000

He said... men are straight forward and they think of talking as not talking, but sending a recieving messages. Women are much more relational... they want to know how their husband's day went... but D - you're probably going to fill your quota of words at your job... and when you come home you're thinking - "I don't want to talk, I am spent..." but Brittney may have been stuck at home and didn't get ANY of her quota filled... she wants to know how your day went... what you ate for lunch... who you are friends with at your office... etc... and it's going to drive you nuts. And it will drive you nuts, Brittney, that D doesn't want to talk about it...

HAHAHA! I LOVE IT! We can ALREADY see these things in our relationship. We've been dating for almost 4 years... it's so funny!

Can't wait to see what's next!



Great post!! It's been less than two weeks since we returned from our honeymoon...I'm just now getting back to the blogging world...you're almost a Mrs!!!! You must be getting so excited : )


I like these posts, little miss.

P.S.-- You haven't gotten my parents' RSVP? Uh oh. They told me we're all coming. :-) I'll check and see if it got lost in the mail.