Wednesday, January 7, 2009

To do - Today

Today... I meant* to do a lot this morning... but, when you go to bed at 3am - that's right - 3am, a lot doesn't get done.

I wanted to go to yoga... but let's go ahead and cross that off and put it on for Friday.

I PLANNED* on fixing up my save the dates and actually ORDERING them! I was holding off because I was hoping to "win" them. ok, should I go with magnets or postcards? I was originally thinking magnets... but then, everyone on my guest list wouldn't necessarily receive one. Just those that I know would love one...

I also planned on getting ORGANIZED... my mom gave me a journal/calendar for Christmas that I plan on using this year. I wrote lists upon lists last night (at work) in this journal to help me out. Gotta keep it up!

I'm working on my photography business... but wanted to do more with it this morning!

uhhh... also, I planned on eating lunch... but that did not happen... needless to say, I'm hungry and going to eat now :)

I PLAN - later tonight - to order wedding shoes I found :) fun!

I PLAN on seeing these movies soon :)
Bride Wars = fun, cute, wedding-y
Seven Pounds = Will Smith = good movie :)
Marley & Me = cute
Yes Man = looks funny
Well... gotta keep it up... that is - DON'T go to bed at 3am anymore!!!

Brittney *Melton*