Monday, January 19, 2009

Not much...

Not much is going on right now. I know that will change REALLY soon as we have 4 months and 4 days (I can't believe it!) to go.

I know pretty soon we'll need to go look for the guys some tuxes. I'm working on our wedding invitations over email. My save the dates should be coming in soon and I hope they look good! :)

I spent this weekend camping and 4-wheeling and I'm exhausted! I had fun, but I'm just glad to be home! I am working today... so wish I actually COULD be home.

I'm going to be helping the FMIL this weekend in choosing a dress.

Another fun thing is that one of my brother's friends (senior in high school) wants me to take her pictures! how fun is that :) I contacted someone that's getting married in July that I know and was curious to know if she had a photographer. She did not and wanted to know what my rates were. Not that it's official, but it would be pretty exciting :)!!!

I'll post pics of my invitation details as they come in. Right now it's just in the planning stage.

If you'd be praying for D (my fiance). He's been trying to find a job, as I know many are, and is not having a very good time with it. We'd really appreciate anything!

I'll leave you with these:

these are pics that I took right when we left last night from camping/4 wheeling. How beautiful is our PAINTER!!!

Brittney *Melton*