Thursday, January 8, 2009

Productive Day

FAR different from yesterday...

I accomplished A LOT!!!

You know my list from the other day? and yesterday?

Well... now it looks like this:

  • I'm working on my photography business... but wanted to do more with it this morning!
  • oil change
  • cake topper (i need to still call the cake lady about sizes)
  • guest book
  • ring bearer pillow (which my mema might make)
  • flower girl basket
  • We looked at wedding shoes and still have yet to find me one that is comfortable and cute... I would LOVE peep toe-d shoes!
  • save the dates - which I'm TRYING to wait until the end of the week to order. I've entered into a contest to win some... so, just crossing my fingers :)
  • I won custom garters for my wedding, so I need to email her about what i'd like... what do you think? more traditional - ivory/blue (something blue) or should I get something Tech?
So, I finished a lot...
☑ ordered my shoes
☑ ordered my save the dates :) - which should be here in about 2-3 weeks...
☑ created my custom garter with Julianne
☑ changed my oil - hey, it's something :)
☑ created package prices for all my senior portraits coming up!!!

... now, can I be productive tomorrow and go grocery shopping? that is the question...

Brittney *Melton*