Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Hair...

Now, I know I have a while for this decision... but I am taking my bridal portraits first weekend in April :) :) and need to know how to do my hair.

Here are some examples:

above: hairbyjuliet.com

above: the knot
above: the knot

above: google images
above: google images

I cannot remember the next photo... I'll have to find it...

the next 3 are from Jasmine Star Photography

Which one do you think? there are some that are tight/clean/simple... and there are those that are a little curly and tousled? which is your preference?

I kind of like #2, because (without giving a whole lot away) I will have a similar accessory :)

Brittney *Melton*



That's what I was going to ask. What does your veil look like or are you wearing anything in your hair? But since you said it was like #2 then I think that hairstyle looks good. Are you going somewhere to let them "play" with it before your portrait?


fav is no. 1!
second fav is no. 2!

so beautiful :)


i love these hairstyles!!! we are getting married the same day (it's a popular weekend!), so I've been thinking about hair lately as well...you found some great images!!