Friday, January 30, 2009

25 things...

1) I can't wait until 5-23-09
2) I can't wait to get married (see #1)
3) I started wearing glasses in 4th grade... and that same year I got braces. Glasses + Braces x all in one year = no good.
4) I am the oldest of 3. I have 2 younger brothers.
5) Some may think it is strange that, while in college, I lived in the dorm - all 4 years. I wouldn't trade it for anything!
6) I have never had my own place, with my own kitchen. (see #5)
7) I can't wait to find an apartment/house with Derik (see #6)
8) My engagement was a COMPLETE surprise... I actually thought that the ring box was a "prop" for my future sister-in-laws pictures
9) I didn't start wearing contacts until 9th grade (it was my birthday present) - that same year I was "allowed" to wear makeup - that was a pretty big year compared to #3
10) I was in a school musical my senior year. I was a munchkin in the Wizard of Oz. yes, i know. haha!
11) I played Softball/Baseball from 4 years of age until 7th grade. I only stopped because the next year I would have to play with 16 year old's... I was 12, and I was scared.
12) I played the clarinet in band from 6th grade until 11th grade. I don't know if I was good or not. But, our band won many awards. Participated in the Fiesta Bowl parade and also the Rose Bowl parade. One year following the other. Participated in State marching contests... don't judge me... I'm not a "band nerd" I only quit because I did not enjoy it anymore, and I made Varsity cheerleading, and enjoyed that more. (see #13)
13) I had NEVER participated in cheerleading, ever. Then, on a whim, I decided to try out my SOPHOMORE year in high school for my following junior year. I made JV. The next year - I made Varsity. I loved it and LOVED cheering. Best memories of high school.
14) I met Derik paint balling. My Aunt & Uncle were friends with his family and had been "secretly" setting us up for over a year. They actually showed him PICTURES of me! I didn't really talk to him for 1/2 a year until he came camping with my Aunt & Uncle at Lake Georgetown. It was Memorial Day weekend and it rained and pored... me and my parent's tent didn't leak... it was just wet. Derik's tent on the other hand, tore a whole and ALL his clothes were wet. I woke up and he was wearing only shorts, and all his clothes were hanging up on a clothes line. The next week, we went to a Round Rock Express game.
15) Derik and I started dating June 25th, Engaged May 24th, and will be married May 23rd. It works backwards... :)
16) I first really met Derik on Memorial Day weekend. (see #14) He proposed on Memorial Day Weekend, and we will be married on Memorial Day weekend - and I love that!
17) I would love if I COULD actually wake up to work out everyday. It is struggle.
18) I am trying to eat a lot better... it's been a week going and I can kind of tell a difference.
19) I ate a cockroach when I was a baby...
20) I love anything apple...
21) Some days I can be a homebody... others, I want to go out and do things. Mostly, I like to be alone with a book. But, better yet, with Derik.
22) I want to go to NYC, Europe (specifically Rome, Italy, and Greece), and Hawaii... really bad!
23) When I was younger - I hated reading. Now, I almost can't go to sleep without reading a chapter, at least.
24) Derik and I have never spent Valentine's Day together in the past 3 1/2 years. This Valentine's will be our first together :)
25) I was born with Jet black hair, which then became light blonde when I was 2-3... which then became brown... which is what I have now :)
Brittney *Melton*



number three makes me laugh :)

I was thinking about our old house on Spanish Ridge Cove, and how, in that kitchen, we made that collage with rubber cement.

Do you remember that?

We really should have opened a window. We were so silly :)

Also, do you remember lying on our bellies and watching each other talk so that our mouths were upside down? Oh my :)

HA! And our song to the tune of Rice-a-Ronie?

"Steph-a-ronie and Bri-i-i-ta-ny"

I'll stop. Your memories of braces and glasses was a really good trigger :)