Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Ok, so since getting a house (and my own kitchen) I've been really into looking at recipes. I'm not really good a cooking (I LOVE baking - but who doesn't?)... I only have like 2-3 things I can make "well" haha! And even then I can really only cook on weekends because of my work schedule! ugh!

Well, most of you may know about Kelly from Kelly's Korner... but what I did NOT know is that she shares a lot of recipes on her own recipe blog - I looked at this a lot tonight and wanted to email/print like ALL of them for myself... haha!

here's the link

Thanks Kelly!!!!

You can also find more recipes from her "Show us your Life" blog posts (I've done a few) - tons of ladies have linked their fave meals here and their fave deserts here... I'll link more if she does any holiday recipes or anything...

Happy Hump Day - ENJOY!!! :)