Monday, October 5, 2009

It's been a while...

Gees - a week can sure get past you (and i'm over a week!)

But, not much has been going on... So, this post will be random musings as of late :)

Derik is going to be gone all week next week again (yes, again) and I'm not too excited about it


What am I gonna do all week?

I need to work out...

Derik's mom had to go to the hospital EARLY Friday morning

She just got to come home today

She's ok, just had an infection and got very sick very suddenly

Derik's over there right now (at his parents) visiting

and I'm at work :/

wishing I were there

Saturday we fertilized our yard

It's funny what will get you excited as a home owner


It rained a lot this weekend...

and last week

and probably this week

I'm glad it's fall now

but I love me some summer

We had my family over for dinner on Saturday

we watched football

We went to church on Sunday and I'm getting excited about Operation Christmas Child already

and really just excited about Christmas already

and decorating already

and shopping for said decorations already :)

Sunday was lazy, we napped and watched the Cowboys play TERRIBLY

We went to my house to pack up more boxes of my stuff


Starting to think I need to garage sale some things...

our house doesn't feel as big anymore - ha!

I organized and unpacked boxes today

there's still a lot more

I'm ready for the weekend of October 30/31 and November 1 :)

more decorating :)

We were given a wall mirror a while back

I didn't like the color combo (gold/black)

I'm more of a silver girl

I spray painted it silver and we hung it

decided it was hung too low

rehung it

*TRIED* to make a frame collage on the wall

don't know how it turned out

Derik said it was "decent"

that to me means it was not good

he said - "no it was ok"

that didn't help

might rearrange frame collage on wall

or scrap it altogether


will post pictures about it sometime soon

maybe you can help

the end



I am SO ready for that weekend too!!! :) YEAH!!!!!!!!!!! I need to chat about that too I need to find out times and all that jazz...I will talk to Court too because I am not sure if we are all riding together?! :)

Love you,


Ha! We were excited about the rain too!