Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Jack-O-Lanterns and FALL

Fall is FAST - seriously...

These past few weekends have FLOWN by and I miss them! Not because I want them back, but I feel like I've been flying each week... some weeks go by slow but then the weekend comes and I feel like I don't get enough time to sit and do what I would like to do.

I have MUCH to do with my photography business and have no room to breathe to do it. I do errands and housework in the mornings and sometimes I don't have time for a shower some days (sorry, ewww, but seriously). The reason why this blog hasn't seen much "action" lately either...

I am actually changing my business name to encompass more of what I want it to be. I am excited about it all, but it's a lot of work. I need to get a business license for taxing purposes, because well... I am going to make enough money to be making it a business (exciting, yet VERY scary for me).

So, it's all about one thing at a time, right!? ... I am not good at that.

When I want to do something, I want to get it done right away... I want it to be perfect right away... I am very detail-oriented and sometimes can't see the big picture. Better yet, I can't be patient enough and wait to see the big picture because I want it done NOW! I have much to learn!

But, thankfully these past few weekends my husband and I slowed down just a little bit and were able to start somewhat of a little tradition (or at least I hope it becomes one)

We went to a pumpkin patch!!!

and got pumpkins!!!

and I felt like a little kid again!!!

I loved carving pumpkins with my dad when I was little. And I even loved to pull all the "gooey" stuff out with the seeds...
Derik however - does NOT like this part. He's VERY squeamish to gross things like this... weirdo! :):):) haha!so he carved for us :)
And I feel like my house is homey and falley now :) Yes, I just made up those words...
Derik is the one that has "pimples" (that's what I call them) and mine is on the right
HAPPY HALLOWEEN - MMmwwahahaha! [insert spooky laugh]


Courtney Moore

Ummm CUTE! I just got even MORE EXCITED about seeing you in T Minus 2 days! Derik's pimply pumpkin made me laugh. LOVE YOU!