Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Cute Hubby

Last time Derik had to leave for business, I kept one of his colognes and smelled it whenever I missed him. I don't know if that's weird, but it made it feel like he was just a little bit there :) I also left his pillows up on the bed so it felt like there was someone else in the bed - ha! Well he thought it was cute when he found out what I did.


Derik is gone on business (AGAIN) this week... but when I came home Monday evening... this is what I saw :)

I wish this would post sideways... but for some reason it won't!

It says:
"Hey Baby, I can make it seem like I'm here next to you. Sorry I have to leave you this week. Be very careful and call me/text me a lot every day. MWAH!!! - Derik"

and he put his cologne on his pillow and left the bottle for me...

and here is the "pillow Derik" he made for me - hahaha!

LOVE YOU BABY! come home soon!!!



That is too cute and too sweet! Come home soon Derik!!! :) I wish I was closer and then I could come and stay with you! :)


Courtney Moore

Oh PRECIOUS! I agree with Britt, I wish I could come stay with you too! SLUMBER PARTY! :) Hope you're not tooooo lonely. Friday's almost here. When Daniel leaves me for 3 weeks in Nov. I just might go crazy....