Friday, October 9, 2009

Decorating and the Weather

I've been trying to do some decoration (still have lots of boxes to unpack though) and we've been doing yard work here and there. Well Central Tx has welcomed some much needed rain and we got some "fertilizing" in just at the right time.

ok so, this makes me laugh everytime...

My husband was going to wear flip flops and I suggested that he go change his shoes (so it wouldn't get all over him) and he comes out wearing... this...

that's his best man over there helping... but keep scrolling to see the beauty of his choice of shoes - haha!

Yes, this was my husband last Saturday...
THIS is today - it is POURING rain and making me ever so sleepy!
here's the mirror I spray painted - kind of a bad picture, but what do you think?
and if you look in the mirror... you can see the collage wall...
far away
up close

ok, so SERIOUSLY, what do you think... I've rearranged and un-rearranged tons of times and don't know if I like it... do you think it looks good?

I realize they are pretty much all pictures of us (and wedding/honeymoon pictures at that) but we'll change them out as we get other/&more pictures... do you think my picture in the middle is too overwhelming??

My mom said "they're pictures of just you two??" - does it look weird with only "us" pictures...?

Derik says that maybe if there weren't those circle frames, or if the circle frames were horizontal...?

Please - totally be honest!! I need help!!



Hey girl. I am going to do that with our wedding pictures also. I bought pictures frames that were all the same color and the same shape (mine are all black rectangle frames). I think that is why its throwing you off. Ya'lls house is lookimg VERY cute!


hey girl!!!
1. i LOVE your collage!! Seriously it screams you..i don't think it looks weird to have different types of frames...hello your ARTY :) Great Job!!!!!!1
2. You have inspired me!!!! You know how much i LOVE taking pictures, but i never do anything with them. i want to be better at that!!!
3. i love you.
4. i miss you!!!