Monday, April 5, 2010

Toby's First Haircut

Ok so... last Thursday our little guy Toby (aka Tobs or Tobster as we call him) got his first haircut - BIG BOY!

What was TERRIBLE about it was that they put a BOW in his hair!

a BOW!? - he's a boy!!!!!

Derik picked him up and saw this and asked the lady "why does he have a bow" - "Daddy" got mad - you don't put a bow in your boys hair!!! haha! So, the lady tries to make up for it. I mean, we live in central Tx and all... so she says "well, it's longhorn colors!"

First - it's orange and lime green?

Second - Derik is NOT a UT fan... far from it... he went to Texas Tech and pretty much has a hatred toward anything UT...

my family members are all UT fans - so yea, football season is real fun :/ haha!

My brother went with Derik and they took the bow OFF in front of the lady! haha! oh my gosh, I was rolling when I was hearing this story. You don't mess with "Daddy's" boy!!! haha!

Well, after he was all de-girlified... "Daddy" got a picture of him...

He's such a big boy now!!! :)