Friday, April 23, 2010

Me and my husband :)

So Kelly is having another "Show us your life" Friday... and today's is all about how you met your husband :)

How fun!

It all started Memorial Day weekend 2005 :) Well, that's when I met him...

My Aunt and cousins had been pestering me (and Derik, little did I know) about meeting Derik and even going on a date with him. Now, my cousins are almost 16 and the other is a freshman in college... but this was 5 years ago... so they were about 11 and 14 ha! My 11 year old cousin was setting me up on a date - oh boy! I told her, well he can be the one to ask :)

So, back to Memorial Day weekend 2005... I had a bad day, I had to go to work EARLY to stock shelves (I only worked at that place for 2 weeks ha) so, going to work at 4am and getting done around noon was very tiring. My family made it a tradition of sorts to go to the lake and camp on Memorial Day weekend - for as long as I can remember... not so much anymore though. The last time we did this tradition was this specific weekend (2005)! I go to the campsite - tired and GRUMPY... and my mom said (with a smirk) "well, Aunt Cheryl said she invited Derik to camp this weekend" (haha) I said "Oooookkk?" she said, "well - what do you think?" and these were my exact words "Mom, whatever will be, will be" - little did I know :)

We saw each other every night after that weekend except one. He called me that night and said, "I wanted to know if I could take you out on a date tomorrow?" ummm YES! I still remember our first date. Awkward ha! We went to a restaurant and ate dinner, then we came to my parents house and watched a movie. He went to Texas Tech while I lived in Belton at my college (University of Mary Hardin-Baylor). We continued our relationship through the 6 hour drives and flights. And, the rest is history :)

We met ON Memorial Day weekend 2005
He proposed ON Memorial Day weekend 2008 - May 24, 2008
We were married ON Memorial Day weekend 2009 - May 23, 2009 :)

When we planned the wedding, that was not the specific reason why we picked Memorial Day weekend... but, once I figured that all 3 of these major events were (and were going to be) on Memorial Day - I knew it would be a perfect weekend to Marry my love :)