Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Blogworld... Meet Toby

Derik and I got a puppy this weekend!
he's OH so cute!

first picture on the way home :) just got a bath!

silly boy!

pic with "mom"

I believe *someone* is spoiling somebody :)

see what I mean!? :)

FAV pic of him so far!!! :)


funny sleeping picture... he looks so funny :)

silly boy... Derik laid him in this bed and he didn't get his back feet in... so he just stayed like this - ha! goofy! :)

"momma" wore him out today... we had a lot of errands to run! :)

his new favorite toy :)

believe me... you will see more of Toby :)


Ms. Random


Ashlee Janaye

Toby is precious!
I have been begging Tiago to get me one. We saw the cutest pomeranian at the pet store the other day.


Oh my gosh Toby is TOO cute! Love love love the pics, keep 'em coming! What kind of puppy is he? How big will he get?


aww!! Toby is the cutest!!


Oh my word...He is precious!!! I can not wait to see/hold that cute little boy! Was that a pic in your bed??? Yall are going to be as bad as Kyle and I! Toby will become your child and it is quite ridiculous! :) (I think he has already accomplished the child thing) :) Cant wait to SEE you!!!



ummm... Is Toby a "Shichon Teddy Bear" ?? Because if so, my husband and I are getting a pup like that in a couple weeks and I can't WAIT! They are the cutest :)


What a cutie! :-)

Enjoy the new family member!


Cute puppy! Congrats!

Just stopping by from the LPM blog -- reading over a few comments before tomorrow's discussion . . .

Just wanted to say your answers could have been mine. We're in this boat together. :)