Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Flower Lady a no show

So, me and my mom called a florist that we met through an event the past week and we decided to meet with her today (Wednesday) at 10am.

We drive to the wonderful Round Rock and their door is locked. So, I was hot, and I decided to wait on the curb - my mom was in the car. It's 10:10 - still no lady. Then at about 10:20-10:30, the florist business manager pulls in and says "did you have an appointment today?" well yes I did :)

She calls the florist that we were supposed to meet with - the actual "designer" - and she said she had something at 11am and couldn't meet today but that she "felt bad". So, we did meet with the florist business manager and talked with her a little. But, she doesn't know all the terms or what we could do - she told us that herself - But, we rescheduled for next Tuesday.

I'll show you more of what I'm looking at next week! So much fun!

Brittney *Melton*