Saturday, July 12, 2008

2 more days!

Ok, I think I'm still alive!

I've actually made it! Only today (which we'll have to get through) and TOMORROW and then FREEDOM! It's been a long week!

Working Monday June 30th-July 13th (tomorrow - Sunday) with ONLY ONE DAY OFF! I am thankful for that one day, thank you Saturday July 5th!! but I am exhausted. Not that I've been actually doing anything, but I am TIRED of work.

I can't wait for Monday! I'll be looking at wedding dresses/bridesmaids dresses with a wonderful friend! :)

Then Wednesday I'm off to SPI until Sunday! HELLLOOO VACATION!

Brittney *Melton*


Courtney and Daniel

Haha, I laughed at your comment about running with Derik! Mr Track Star! :)

Who are you going dress shopping with? HAVE SO MUCH FUN! And i'm glad your vaca is around the corner!

Love you!



so exciting!

I guess you can't post pictures, huh :)