Monday, June 30, 2008

a 6 day week and an 8 day week!

Well, for all you "luckies" out there that have a 4-day week. I am jealous. I wish I had 4th of July off, but it will be ok. There, now that that's done. I can be ok with my week. I work M-F and I even work this Sunday. Then I work another M-F and then a Sat/Sun next week! so - Sunday-Sunday this next week will be a lot to deal with. I already dread my regular week :) haha! BUT - the plus of this all is that I get a WHOLE week off July 14th-18th. I will have M-W all to myself to get wedding stuff done with some wonderful ladies - which will be great. And then I'll leave Wednesday evening to go to South Padre with the Melton family. We'll get back July 20th. I'm so ready for a vacation! ahhh!

I got to go to Lake Belton this week (it's crazy to go back to Belton, a lot has changed at the school - well at least for me, maybe not for y'all!) But, it started raining about an 1 1/2 into our tubbing, oh well, it was still fun. We'll hopefully be making more lake trips soon!

I have a florist appointment on Wednesday and I can't wait. We're going to sit down and talk about all our options. We'll probably need LOTS of flowers though! So, to find out prices first will be best. We went to our Star Ranch tasting and it was pretty good food. So, the lady made a food/rental invoice so we could discuss if we wanted to use Star Ranch for our reception. But, I think my dad croaked. So, he said he'll have to think about it. But, hopefully soon we'll have a decision made. One way or another!

After the reception is decided, Derik said he wants to sit down and decide where we want to honeymoon :) So much fun! I've looked at millions of places already - it's what I do at work :). So hopefully soon we can decide on those 2 things. We have our photographer - the lovely Andrea Crosswhite... so, I'm glad some decisions are made.

Miss you all!

Brittney *Melton*


Courtney and Daniel

ew- i'm sorry for your crazy work sched... that stinks. Hope you still have a fun 4th. How is DM liking his job?


I'm offically one of your blog lurkers :)

I'm so excited for you!


oops :)
this is Stephanie Jeter... sorry about that!