Friday, July 25, 2008

SPI in photos

We made Janeane into a mermaid... hahaha... Joey on 'Friends' anyone??

Derik and his dad fishing on the ocean... I wasn't here, but thankfully Derik actually took pictures :)

Us eating a Mr. Taco - so yummy... and so cheap... I LOVED it. We need one here :)

Derik and I at SPI... I like this pic.

Don't necessarily like this pic, but Derik looked funny wearing my hat and glasses. Silly boy!

Derik and D.J. fishing - they are goof balls when they're together...

ok - this is Derik DEVOURING watermelon...

and this is Derik afterwards... yes, this is my fiance!

I had a wonderful time off... I told Derik that the NEXT TIME we are at the beach will be on OUR HONEYMOON! ahhhh!


Brittney *Melton*