Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Things are moving along...

Well, for a while there I was getting a little overwhelmed. Now, don't get me wrong, I LOVE this time and trying to soak every minute in. But, it was a lot at once.

A couple of weeks ago - I went dress shopping... girls, it was kind of surreal. I mean, I wore a VEIL and everything! :) I went to Alfred Angelo and found 2 that I really liked, 1 more than the other, but, still wanted to look around. Then we went to Serendipity Bridal and I KNOW that I won't get it there... Doesn't mean they aren't beautiful - they are AMAZINGLY goregous - but, waaaayyyyy too expensive. I don't think I tried a dress on under $3000 dollars. So, haven't found THE dress yet, but I found some amazing ones. At Serendipity I kept saying - "I'm trying not to like these" that way if I did like one I would get my hopes crushed, cause I KNEW that we would not spend that much money on a dress.

And is it true for you all that when you tried on your dress that you knew it was THE DRESS? I don't know if I've felt that, but I loved that one dress at Alfred Angelo and I could definitely see myself wearing it, but I didn't have "THE DRESS" feeling... What did y'all feel??

Anyways, we chose a photographer and are in the process of finalizing all of that. We are going to a tasting tonight at Star Ranch Golf Club, and I'm pretty sure that we'll use them. But, we're trying to make sure the food is good and the price is right.

So, needless to say, things are moving along - even if I don't really think they are.

Brittney *Melton*


Courtney and Daniel

hey girl!

so I'd totally call you but my phone is still in Florida! Grrrr.... but I totally stressed out about my dress. I went shopping at like 10 different stores and loved a lot of the dresses but never found one that I felt like was THE DRESS! So many of them were beautiful and stuff but I didn't ever just KNOW..... I felt like it was a big decision and I wanted it to be perfect! Basically what helped me was picking out all the parts of the dresses that I loved (lace, sparkley beads, strapless and a little bit of a sweetheart neckline) and finally when I found MY DRESS it was most of thos things combined and I just loved it!
I kept stressing that I hadn't found THE DRESS yet and really, I'm not sure that its true! You just have to find one that fits most of your favorites... but really, whatever you pick you'll be GORGEOUS in it! :) I'm excited! Wish we were all closer so we could have fun doing all this wedding stuff! Love you!


girl :)
I am so excited! Seriously, its so fun to watch someone go through everything i just went through! This is such an amazing time!! You are right...soak it all up! Because it will come and go and you will have been married a year in a blink of an eye... TRSUT ME: )

Ok THE DRESS!!! Girl i totally understand... now i didn't try that many dresses on... infact the day i went and tryed them on is the day i found THE ONE:) I had just come home from day camp..and it was a rainy day so..i was looking nasty!! But, me and my mom just ran to that store because they had MY DRESS, which i had first seen online... i tried a couple on before it and was like UMM NO... but, then in all my nasty glory i put MINE on and it was just like WOW!! I just knew... and i knew if i liked it then...all pinned up and being WAY TOO big...and i was all gross looking... i knew that when i was fresh looking that i would just adore it more. and i did! and i still do! My favorite part was the back and the neat sleeves, the whole thing was just perfect for me!
And Britt that will come for you! It will be perfect just for you, and you won't even want to LOOK anymore.! Everything will work out, price and all! If its meant to be for you, it will be :) I know that the Lord can even take care of dresses... because after all He did ordain this day!!!

Love you sweet girl so much!

Courtney and Daniel

ps... you'll LOVEEEEE Andrea. I just saw Kristin and Ryans pics and they're AWESOMEEEE! I'm excited for y'all!