Thursday, June 5, 2008

Today is my Friday

Well, I'm so excited that I get a "day off" tomorrow. So today is my Friday!

Really and truly it's going to be a KVUE team-building activity for our department - what we like to call the CSPPI - Creative Services Pitch and Putt Invitational. That's right, I'm going to golf tomorrow - and I'm getting paid for it. Well, if you call it golf. It's really like a midget golf course with the longest hole probably being 100 yards.

This is the 3rd annual invitational and the legend goes if you win 1st place... you leave the next year. Which is true for both 1st and 2nd annual winners. They both left within a year of the CSPPI's.

Last year I got 2nd place and everyone seems to think I'll be the one to beat. I don't know about that. Yea, I played, but like in middle school and only for a few years. haha! Well, hey, if I do win... I have an excuse to leave ;) - "it's the legend of the CSPPI winner!"

Also, Derik and I met with Bro. Steve on Wednesday and we were able to talk to him. Bro. Steve seems to think we'll be the FIRST wedding in the new church! how cool is that!

We've been building this church for the past couple years, or has it only been a year...? It was scheduled to be completed this August... but with all the rain ATX got this past spring, it is now pushed back to Nov/Dec. Bro. Steve thinks it'll be the 1st of next year or February before it's complete. So, maybe we WILL be the first to be married. :)

We had a great visit and got our form to fill out to then bring back to the church. Although, it does have a spot for where/when our rehearsal dinner will be, and where/when our reception will be - which we have no clue about either one.

Hopefully we can find a place big enough for everyone. My mom seems to think we'll have close to 400!!! AHHHHH!

Please pray for my sanity! :)

Really and truly I am super pumped about ALL OF IT! :)

Love you all!

Brittney *Melton*



I am so glad that you got to talk to Bro. Steve! Answered prayer! Enjoy your "day off" you!


Glory to God in the Highest-- all this wedding chat is reminding me SO much of last summer! We had the magic # 400 four our reception too and that is a HUGE wedding! So ... anyways... I understand your stress in finding somewhere big enough. Luckily, we didnt really have that many ppl come... about 300 I would guess... but anyways.
I LOVE that you're signing *melton* sooo cute!

Love you! Talk to you soon! (PS we found out about our placement in EA-- so as soon as I can i'll talk to them about the date and let you know what they're saying-- Still hoping for a YES!)