Monday, June 9, 2008


In a word... overwhelming!

Me and my mom went to the June 8th Austin Bridal Extravaganza... IT WAS SO MUCH FUN!


I loved it and I'm so glad I got to go with my mom... but now I am feeling the stress of how much needs to be done. But in reality, I will be REALLY ok when and once we book a reception site.

We visited a lot of reception sites and this was the norm:

"how many people does your site accomodate?"
"well how many were you thinking to invite"
"well 250-300 or more, we're not sure"
"oh WOW, well, there aren't that many places that hold that many in Austin except at hotel ballrooms... let me refer you to ___ and ___"
"ok thanks!"

that was a couple of conversations... here's another:

"how many people does your site accomodate?"
"well, first let me ask you when your wedding date is..."
"May 23, 2009"
"oh - we're already booked for May... every saturday there's a wedding already - would you like to have yours on Friday/Sunday?"
"oh, no thank you..."
(sadly walk to the next booth)

I'm getting stressed that there's not going to be any places available and that EVERYTHING will be booked.

I made an appointment with Forest Creek Golf Club at 11am on Saturday... so pray that if we like it, it will be available... Also, if it's not available - that we please would find something, and quick!

I also made an appointment with Alfred Angelo Bridal to start getting dress ideas. So, I can't WAIT for Saturday! I'm so excited!

The Bride,

Brittney *Melton*



Oh gosh-- Bridal Extravaganza!!! CRAZYYYY!

Did you get any fun ideas there? I loved seeing all the cakes and flowers and such... it was so fun but yes very overwhelming.

Did you win anything from any drawings? We got free dance lessons so that was fun... :)

Are you having a happy summer? I'm excited you're going dress shopping soon! WOO HOO! Let the wedding fun begin! :)

Love you!


I agree with Court...CRAZY but fun!!!

Dont worry the place will come! I know it feels very stressful but I promise not EVERY place in Austin is booked! You have a lot to work with you just have to find it...and I know that is the hard part!

Hang in their Mrs. Bride...cant wait to hear how the dress shopping goes...I think that is when it really feels REAL, SCARY and EXCITING!!!!

Love you bunches