Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Halloween 2009 with Friends

I was SO looking forward to this weekend! We had some wonderful friends come stay with us in our new house :) and we got to hang out and go to a Jeremy Camp concert - woo hoo! It was so fun and MUCH needed... hope we can do these more often!

these first 2 pics are mine...

and these next few concert pics are Court's :) thanks Court!!!

awesome! :)
Britt & Kyle (Britt was my MOH!!!)
Daniel & Court - we missed them last year while they were overseas!!
me and my babe (and my new fav pic of us!)
the girls :) oh how I missed them :)
The boys...
don't know what they're doing - haha!
YAY friends!
Court took this one of Chuy's (YUM!) and the group pic below!

and this one... rock out with your guac out... see tshirt on lower right hand corner... :)

such a fun weekend...

Friday night was VERY memorable... I'll make that another post, but we had Halloween "visitors" and it was pretty intense!



YEAHHH Great post! We had a blast and want to do it soon. We want yall to come to the great city of B Town next! As far as the Friday night story...I dont think I can handle it again! :) Love you bunches!


Courtney Moore

ROCK OUT WITH YOUR GUAC OUT! :) Hahaha... such a fun weekend! I can't wait to do it again! Love you!