Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Blessed and Busy

So as you can see, my blog was "overtaken" by the contest I was in last week :) haha! but you'll be glad to know that I WON! I actually got second by 9 VOTES! yeah, that's not very many, so they awarded us both... how grateful and blessed am I!?

I am now working with a designer to customize my website - which was my prize. And I'm in for a treat. Now, don't get me wrong, I'm very excited... but I know it's going to be a lot of work on my part and I hope I'm up for the challenge.

I am in the middle of a lot of projects, which includes the website, but I'm also working on a logo for a local daycare... just did an engagement session this past weekend, and a few family sessions to go all before Christmas! I think I can, I think I can... ha! no, I'm really excited about it all!

ESPECIALLY about the holidays...

I'm proud to announce... that we have already DECORATED our house for Christmas - early?? some may say no... my dad says I'm just anxious to decorate since we have a house :) ha! regardless, I'm ready for the holidays. I'm ready to take it slow... I haven't had Thanksgiving and the Day after Thanksgiving off in 3 years! IT IS TIME! I'm so excited to have Thursday and Friday off, so thankful and blessed by that!

I also have everyday off Christmas week (except I'll be working that Monday) - I also have New Year's Eve off - which also hasn't happened in 3 years! (do you see a trend here? haha) I am READY for a break and I am READY for some family time. Thankful for it all!

So, Our decorations - we put lights up on the outside of our house on Saturday morning :) YAY! Derik wasn't thrilled about it... but it only took like 30 mins. I put on the clips, he climbed on the roof and TA-DA teamwork! I love the lights :)

We (I) put the lights on our tree Sunday and found out we needed one more strand... I was so bummed out and I insisted that we go buy another box so I could finish the lighting... ran to wal-mart, problem fixed... then we went back home and finished the tree - complete with ornaments, beads, and picture frame ornaments of us :) YAY! I LOVE CHRISTMAS!

Derik has been wanting to order Texas Tech (where he graduated from) ornaments and make a special little tree for just those ornaments... so I decorated a smaller tree today and put it on our large kitchen window sills - complete with red and black ornaments - red/black/silver beads... and we will be getting our first 2009 Texas Tech ornament in a few short weeks :)

I will post photos (still in camera) soon! :)

I LOVE CHRISTMAS! - have I said that already?

We have completed about 1/2 of our Christmas shopping list and have decided to get each other IPHONES for our Christmas present - WAHOO! I have been wanting one since they first came out with the $599 price tag (I would NEVER have purchased one at that price, those people are crazy... oh man) We are still on our parents phone plans and this will be an easy way to transfer us onto our own... so excited :)

Do any of you have iphones? If so, what are your favorite apps, I'd love to download some fun/useful ones - any opinions on iphones themselves?



Brit, Thanks again for the great engagement pics!
You know I LOVE my Iphone! I love how easy it is to use and how much easier it makes life. Everything is literally at your finger tips. From a business aspect it makes comunication with your clients so much easier. You can get emails and look at websites right from your phone. I had a Blackberry for a couple years, but the Iphone is so much better!
My favorite apps are : Facebook (duh), I heart radio (for Bobby bones in the morning :) and listening to the radio on my headphones at my desk), Pandora Radio, Chipotle (seriosly! you can order from your phone and pick it up!), yelp!, and Weight Watcher (for when I'm "on the wagon").
Hope this helps!