Monday, May 4, 2009

Blogging limited

Ok, so in just 19 days I will be a MRS!!!

Therefore, my blogging will be much more limited... I will also try and post blogs at the end of my work day (which I work until 10pm) so there's always that... but my life has become much crazier each day!

I feel like I have a lot of little things left. Programs - place cards for reserved seating... I am meeting with almost ALL the vendors THIS week! Actually starting 2 days ago :)
Saturday 5/2:
met with Reception venue to finalize plans
Tuesday 5/5 (cinco de mayo):
DJ @9pm to finalize plans
Cake Lady @ 11am for final payment
Florist @ 6:30pm to finalize details and times...


Wednesday 5/6:

My grandparents want to take us to lunch!
Friday 5/8:
My mom and dad are taking dance lessons... I might take an extra dinner break or switch shifts with my co-worker to go... I really want to. My dad's all excited and said he has a dance choreographed for our daddy/daughter dance!!!
I am also sending in a final payment for our photography tomorrow...

Funny story: So, I work at a news station and run prompter for one of the newscasts... backstory is, we have a lot LESS # of guests than we first thought... like 100-150 less... hey, I'm ok with that... but that means we had to change our cake order up a little (lot)... so, I'm on the phone with the cake lady, calling my dad, calling my mom, all back and forth... and I'm trying to finalize a time to meet with the cake lady tomorrow. I finally realize it's time to prompt (because in my head set someone said - "prompter, we need prompter") yea, that's my cue!!! So, I just quickly say "ok, see you tomorrow, but I'm sorry I have to go!" hahaha!

I called her immediately following the news and apologized... she totally understood. But, that's my life r... I am constantly tossing things around and multi-tasking left and right... oh gees!!!

Next few weekends look like this:
May 9/10: Mother's Day
May 15/16: Brother's Graduation Brunch
May 23/24: WEDDING and MEXICO!!! oh my!

after today... only 2 more Mondays!!!!