Monday, May 18, 2009

5 days!!!

I can't believe it's 5 days away!!! I am getting married before this week is over! AHH :)

AND we'll be in lovely Mexico laying on a beach next week :) YAY!

We accomplished a lot this past weekend. We made a schedule of the day of and days ahead... we also made a list of items that need to be at certain places... like, what items, where and when...

Here are some examples:

I bolded the MAJOR items... like this definitely needs to start then!! or at least close to schedule... now I know this schedule is not going to be followed to a 'T'... we know we are going to be off... but it's a good way to kind of keep track of things... especially what needs to be done days prior...
This item list, I think, will be a lifesaver... there's so many little things you don't think about that you need to bring... it helped to write it all down :)

Hope this helps any ladies planning a wedding... I think it'll help us a LOT!



That's so exciting! I hope the weeks goes smoothly!


I have so many things to do still I didnt think about making a list. I make lists about my lists I am so surprised I didnt think of that.. Thanks for the idea!!! :) ITs getting super close! Good Luck :) Tell me how Mexico goes.. We are going to there on our honeymoon and I'm kinda nervous about it.

Courtney Moore

GO GIRL! You're wayyyy organized! Leslie did this for me for our wedding and it was really helpful. I love you BD! Have a wonderful last few days being engaged!!!! :)


You are supa' organized, little miss! Way to be, Brit-a-ronia :)