Wednesday, May 20, 2009



my co-workers and department also surprised me with a party... root beer floats and gifts! I was totally surprised :)

Last day of work today... off tomorrow and Friday.

Don't know how much blogging will be going on... If you don't see any more posts, I'll "see" you all when I get back in a week or so :)

Happy Wedding!!!



Yay!!! That is so exciting! Good luck and enjoy your last few days before your wedding!!


2 days!!! EKKK... Are you nervous? I am nervous just having my shower I can only image how nervous I'll be during my wedding!!! Have fun girl. I'll be thinking about you!

Courtney Moore

Girl- you are probably waking up next to your hubby right now! You're Mrs. Melton! Oh gosh!!! I'm so excited for yall... love you and we MUST skype when you get back from MEXICO! I LOVE YOU!

ps i'm checking Andreas blog like- every hour waiting for pictures! SO EXCITED!


Hello, Brit-a-ronie :)
Two things--
1. Thank you (oh thank you) for having my family at the wedding. We were so honored to be present for such a special day. Don't tell I said this, but my dad teared up as you walked down the aisle :) I did, too. And though we're not in contact as much as we should, we love you and your family (both new and old!) so much. Thank you a million trillion times a billion for letting us be part :)
2.Uh, friend. You are smokin'. Seriously, you pretty pretty prettypretty girl. I have never seen a more beautiful, more classically lovely, more heart-moving bride. That's you. You were (and are) seriously (seriously) good looking :) :)