Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Registries and Showers

We had to revisit our registry and edit it a little bit lately. We didn't know where we'd be come the beginning of '09 back in August. Didn't know where D would be on the job front... and we didn't want to register during the holidays (headache!) So, we did it all in August and a lot of our stuff is being discontinued - sad day.

So, we went and took care of that this past weekend... I'm still a little unsure about some of our picks. So, I may change it up later.

But, I can't change it much, much later... because I've been picking out days for our church to throw us a SHOWER! My very FIRST shower! I am beyond excited... sounds like it'll be towards the middle or end of next month (March) or early April.. I'm so pumped!

We've started the decisions on a DJ lately - so that's exciting!

We are also about to put a deposit down on the invitations... when those come in, I'm definitely posting a pic for you to see :)

The days are dwindling!!! :)

Brittney *Melton*


The Polka Dotted Owl

Love showers, and yay for your first one!! If I ever attempt down the aisle, we are def. finding the best 80's cover band to play at our reception! Good luck with your registerations, and if you need some d.j. advice hit me up:) or not after my confession for 80's cover bands:)

Mojito Maven

Thanks for playing. You get the letter M.


That's the same situation with our registry... and we didn't create it until December! I've changed my mind on a few things and have taken them off, so you're not alone there.