Thursday, February 5, 2009


Girls, I can breathe a sigh of relief because I feel accomplished!

I had a break down the other day - really my first - I haven't been worried about anything... but, this guest list just made it all come down.

Guest list is pretty much done. We're ordering our invitations within the next few weeks! OMGoodness! We are about 3 1/2 months away and I cannot believe it! At the beginning I just prayed that it would get here soon... I thought it would take forever and it's already FEBRUARY!!!

I just ordered our guest book from a wonderful designer Jenni Bick  - check out some of her stuff! I'm excited!! Here's a little picture of what it will look like :) - with an M of course

image courtesy

I also ordered our cake topper :) (but not this script - we used Brock Script)

image courtesy

We've nailed down a starting time for the Rehearsal (and the dinner) and also a starting time for our WEDDING!

We need to block rooms at a local hotel. How does that work?

The next big item is the guys tuxes. When do you do that? I was thinking end of this month maybe in March? Is that too late/early?

The girls dresses came in a few weeks ago :) YAY! My mom's dress came in this week. And, so did the flower girls dress :)

My Mema (grandmother) is going to possibly make the ring bearer's pillow.

We still need to book our wedding night hotel and pay off our honeymoon and photography. Which I will possibly do mid-February or end of February :)

Things are COMING TOGETHER!!! ahhh!

Taking my Bridal portraits on April 4th... but I won't show you pictures until AFTER the wedding :)

Still don't know about a DJ... I would like one, but, I might not get one :(

I'm making song lists of music we like and maybe ones we might dance to for our special dances.

Next we need to make a list of people that are coming to the rehearsal dinner.

I was stressed... but now I feel ACCOMPLISHED!

Brittney *Melton*


Living for the Little Moments

Just wanted to say congrats for winning Mrs. Newlywed's giveaway!

Sounds like your plans for your wedding day are falling into place well... I'm sure you're really excited!

Southern Bride To Be

Cute Guest Book! I'm on the hunt for a cake topper too. :)


Hotel blocks for weddings are quite simple! Do you have a Convention and Visitors Bureau in the town that you're getting married it? They should be able to do all the legwork for you for FREE! If you have any questions, email me:
(That's actually what I do in Georgia!)


Congrats on winning the giveaway! Wedding planning is sooo much fun! I wish I could have another wedding. If you are having the reception at a hotel then that hotel will block rooms for you, just inquire with the event planner. If not, contact the event planner at a hotel of your choice. And for the tux's, I wouldn't wait any longer! Some of the guys in my wedding didn't get fitted right away; it can be a drawn out process with boys.