Thursday, February 26, 2009

Can't We just get Married Already!!!

It's just been one of those weeks ya' know... where you're going nuts about everything and truly just want to be married! To be with the one that you love.

I'm feeling EXACTLY like that!

I just want it to be the weekend already. Things feel like they're moving too slow.

We are going to be getting a lot done this weekend. We're going to measure/size the men for tuxes. That should be fun! I'm also hoping to get some wedding jewelry this weekend. I'm taking Bridal Portraits April 4th and want to have the jewelry before then... but... the next few weekends are PACKED!

Feb. 28th: Guys Tuxes/Jewelry...
March 7th: 2nd Fitting, mom's friend coming in town, maybe look at more jewelry
March 14th: (first weekend of spring break. I always call it spring break, no i'm not in school, but my brother is...): I WAS going to go skiing with the family... but I've been told I can't get off of work - bummer :(
March 21st: (last weekend of spring break) have no idea... but something's probably going to pop up
March 28th/29th: SHOWER!!!

So, as you can see... not much time to get my jewelry before April 4th.

Anybody have any luck finding their jewelry... where did you look? online? did you go to a certain store and find lots of selections, or any great deals??

Can't we just get married already :)

Brittney *Melton*



I feel you on the "let's just do it already" feelings!

I have gone back and forth on the wedding jewelry. Unfortunately, I don't live within 3 hours of a major city, so I've been struggling. I've bought quite a few things online, but I haven't found the "perfect" items yet.