Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Story of my New Lens!

2 weeks ago:
At Homecoming, my Aunt came to the game with a honkin' camera and lens. I was like "Aunt Cheryl this is an amazing lens!" Oh my gosh it's huge! I've been wanting a new lens for a while... but was going to wait. The lens I used on the Goodwin Sister's session was borrowed by Janeane and is much better than mine..............Ok, so anyways. :)

Today's Story:
I got a call from my Aunt at 8:30am this morning and was doing the 'ol clear-your-throat-before-you-answer-the-phone routine. I answered and she said "are you still sleeping?" - didn't fool her! :) you can never act like you're awake when you just woke up ya' know! She said that she knew I really really liked that lens and that she ended up getting another one and was going to take this one back, but thought I'd want to buy it from her. They got an amazing deal on it because they bought it at the same time as the camera. So, instead of the normal pricey lens... they got it for $200 off. So, they're selling it to me for what they bought it for. How AWESOME IS THAT!

A little later today:
Derik and I are in the mid-planning stages of our honeymoon. We probably know where we will go, but need to actually book it and get passports and such. We have enough for the trip, and for me to get the lens. But, it's still a big decision. So, I asked what he thought... this is our convo:

Derik: "well... do you really need it right now"
Me: "not neccessarily, but it'd be nice to have. I want a nice one someday, this is cheaper than it would be... (so on and so on)"
Derik: "well... what is it...?"
Me: "It's a lens...?" (what do you mean)
Derik: "Like, what's it for?"
Me: "for my camera, haha" (a little sarcasm there)
Derik: "like what kind"
Me: "a big lens... like 300mm"
Derik: "ok, well let me think about it..."

Funny boy! So, I told him to give me a call before I went to work cause my Aunt needed to know before tomorrow and I wanted to give her as much time as possible to return it!

about 30 mins later:
phone rings...

Me: "Hey..."
Derik: "ooookkkkkk... go get your lens..."
Me: "do you not want me to, it's ok if so..."
Derik: "it's fine..."
Me: "are you sure... you sound sad"
Derik: "well...... I was going to get you that for Christmas" (in a whiny little kid kind of way) :)
Me: "haha, Derik... sorry babe... I feel bad now. You shouldn't have told me that cause now I feel like I ruined it"
Derik: "well - you did - haha!"
Me: "I'm Sorry!"
Derik: "Can you make sure it won't be less expensive at Christmas time...?"
Me: "How will I know that? I don't know if that will happen Derik, I can't forecast the future... haha"
Derik: "ok, I don't know what I was thinking... you can get it, but now I have to think of something else... it was going to be good." (still a little whining) :)
Me: "I still feel really bad babe... you could've not even told me and I wouldn't have even known..."
Derik: "well... I wasn't going to get you one as good as this one, so this is a better deal I guess"

That boy makes me laugh. Especially because of the way his brain works... haha! LOVE HIM!

So, I looked up the lens online and found out more about it... and then I called my Aunt to tell her I wanted to buy it. My brother (goes to Hendrickson High School) is playing Hutto High School, which is where both of my cousins cheer, tomorrow. So, she said I could get it at the game and play around with it...

So needless to say, I'm excited! But, I still feel bad for Derik... oh well, poor guy :(
It would've been a GREAT present honey!!!

Here's the lens:

Photos from

Woo hoo!

Brittney *Melton*



Hey Brittney! It's Kate Jones. Congratulations on the lens, I'm still figuring out my camera and got an external flash for my birthday! And your man is so sweet.