Monday, September 29, 2008

Getting things done...

Last week, we picked our florist... She gave us a great bid and was very personable when meeting her. The only thing I'm kind of worried about is that she's new and just starting out. But, I'm sure I will love the flowers. She sets up EVERYTHING... so that is a plus! :)

I emailed Andrea Crosswhite about taking our engagement pics... so, we'll do that probably Jan. 10th or 11th. YAY!

We took our passport pictures today before Derik left for his flight back to Lubbock. I don't really like mine... I need to lose some weight... :(

I'll probably go get my passport this week sometime... Derik will get his next month...

Next week, my mom and I are meeting with a lady who may bake our cakes. We met her at the Bridal Extravaganza and she had beautiful cakes. I want mine to be very simple, but very elegant. Cream/White with a few icing decorations at the base of each tier, and then purple calla lilies scattered down the cake. Derik's cake will most DEFINITELY be TEXAS TECH :) haha!

Which cake is your favorite?
Here are some cakes I like...

Bride's Cake:

I think this is my ABSOLUTE favorite! :)

I'm going to order a "M" topper (similar to this) - I love it :)

Groom's cake:

This will most likely be Derik's... I found it and he likes it a lot... although there will be some things changed. Hint - no A&M - just TEXAS TECH! :) I love the bride and groom strawberries on top - too cute! :) We talked about maybe having the Tech seal on the top tier... we'll see.

That's all for now! :)

Brittney *Melton*



ummm, may I say... WHOOP!!!!


i HAVE to follow that...



HAHAH :) i couldn't help it!!!

Ok to the cakes missy!! I like 1&3...i mean clearly they're all beautiful...but those remind me of mine...which was VERY simple too!!!

SO EXCITED for you :)

Love you!


WOOO HOOO for the NEW LENS! It's sooo pretty! I wanna see some pics from it!!!

Ok The cakes-- I love them all but my favs are the first and the last! :) And I LOVE Derik's Cake too! WHOOP!

I need to remember to keep checkin your blogs... :) I miss mine...



P.S.-- I like your favorite cake the best, too :)