Monday, September 8, 2008

Photography and more! :)


I had my REAL first client that called (facebooked) me up and we had their session yesterday. I was in youth group with her and her sisters and they decided to do some surprise photos for their mom and dad and grandparents. These girls are BEAUTIFUL! I haven't seen them in about 5-6 years... but they have grown into some gorgeous ladies. I'll post some pictures soon! :) Get excited! :)

I'm meeting a D.J. tonight for the wedding... my dad is a little unsure about hiring a D.J. and wants to use an ipod. I think an ipod would be fine for a wedding with 150 guests... but not for a wedding that has 400+ guests being invited right now! It was really hard to have my dad understand it, but we're still not set on hiring a D.J. It's not that I REALLY REALLY want a D.J. - it's just that I think it would make the reception so much more enjoyable and make it easier for all involved... I don't want to have to ask a family member/friend to run the ipod while they're at my wedding. I don't know, we'll see what happens. Just meeting the D.J. during my dinner break to learn more and figure out some things.

Also, my flowers have been an issue... and the invoice is good until the end of this week or next (can't remember)... but, flowers are just reallly expensive!

I hope things start getting decided instead of hanging in the air.

I'm not complaining - cause a lot IS done... but, these things are pretty big things...

I'll let you know how it goes... and POST PICTURES! :)

Brittney *Melton*




post pictures!

If you need an iPod runner after all, I can watch the playlist... just an offer :)