Thursday, February 28, 2008


This past weekend, Derik made a a quick decision to come home. 1. because he wanted to 2. most importantly he's been interviewing for jobs/internships and a company in Austin wanted to meet with him and paid for his gas money (nice)

But among all those things - I went 4-wheelin' with the Melton's. It was Derik's Dad, Sister Janeane and her boyfriend DJ... and then me and Derik. Now I have to say that this was my first time EVER 4-wheelin' and it was so fun! I got so frustrated in the beginning because the 4-wheeler's we were riding were manuals and therefore you had to start it up and move the clutch and shift gears - something I have NEVER done - in a car... or anything!

So, needless to say it took me like 30 mins. to even start up the darn thing and it was to the point where I was going to say - "y'all have fun, I'll just stay here" but... thankfully they were all patient with me.

We rode a couple of trails and then me and Janeane were done and let the boys have fun... They then came back and asked us to go to the "track" to take pictures of them. Janeane's going to school for Photography and was giving me advice and pointers on what settings worked best in what type of situation you are in. We were in action mode :)... She also, has this AMAZING lense that that she let me borrow and when she gave it to me she said - "Brittney, I'm going to warn you that when you use this, you're going to want one!" I thought - NAH! maybe later, but I don't need one now... boy was she right! the lense is AMAZING. So, I bet you can tell which photos were used with her lense... hope you enjoy.

Derik doing one of this many jumps... you'll see later... that crazy boy!

Janeane's boyfriend DJ and Derik...

DJ was very dusty... we all were by the end of the day!

Now, there's a story behind this picture, because Derik started making a bunch of circles and stirring up all kinds of dust... then he left and I caught a couple more pictures of him doing jumps. This boy on a dirt bike - no kidding probably 10 years old - maybe! - he came up to us and said "hey, is that guy on the red and white 4-wheeler with y'all... (we said yes)... well, you need to tell him that he shouldn't be stirring up all that dust because it's very dangerous and he could cause an accident... I know I'm younger than y'all but I know what I 'm talking about!" haha we about died... Derik's dad didn't appreciate a little boy telling him what to do let alone Derik... then the boy left and stirred up some dust haha! There's also a sign that says - RIDE AT YOUR OWN RISK! so boy... read the sign!

Derik was proud of this picture!

The Boys

You can barely read it - but that sign in the middle of the picture is the RIDE AT YOUR OWN RISK sign... Derik was doing circles right by that sign... and the little boy was giving us his opinion right by that sign.

somebody looks tired! haha!

We're going to go camping at this place the first weekend of Derik's spring break... so that should be more fun had!

Hope you all have a great weekend - I'm going to go to LBK! (this trip was planned like a month ago before Derik found out he needed to come interview this past weekend... so 2 WKNDS in a row! Halleluia and so much fun!)




You did a super job babe. You are the best photographer and photoshopper i know.... and story teller =) hehe. I love you