Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Into the Park

Hello all...

Well, I told you all about my new adventure into photography and I'm so glad I've actually been able to use my camera this week (now that I'm not feeling like I've gotten run over by a bulldozer)...

I used it a little the first weekend but not as much as I wanted... took a few pictures of my brothers and their girlfriends and also of my brother's dog... (see below) but it wasn't until Tuesday that I actually got to spend a good amount of time with my camera. ahhh... me and my camera (jk)

well, I went to Pfluger Park - in Pflugerville... :) and I took all kinds of nature shots. I'm kind of embarassed to say I took about 120-150... but, hey... the more the better right?? I've gone through and picked some of my favorites and edited them - and here they are (I've also made an album on Facebook...)

This is my brother's dog - Sadie... this wasn't the same day as the park, but I loved it anyways!

Well let me know what you think and which ones you like the best. It helps to know what I'm doing that's right and what everyone likes...




Your pictures are amazing...this is your talent :) along with everything else you put your hands on!!
I am so glad you posted them!! So fun :)
I love you and miss you dearly!!