Monday, March 3, 2008

Valentine's in LBK

Well, since Derik and I weren't able to get together for Valentine's ON V-day and not until this weekend... this became our Valentine's weekend. I was so excited to see him!

Well, Friday night was crazy because I got off work at like 5pm and went to pick up my dad at work (he took the bus downtown so he could then take my car home). On the way there, I got stuck in really bad traffic. What would've usually taken me 15-20 mins. to go from my work to my dad's took more like 45 mins. and I was getting afraid that I would never get there and never get to my flight on time.

Well, I made it and I pull up to the parking garage.

We then proceeded to the airport which took a lovely 15 mins. - a lot faster than I was thinking.

Let's just say that after leaving Austin I had to land in Dallas for a change in planes and I had a delay in flight along with. Boo... it wasn't all bad... I brought a book to read, but then sat next to these horrible kids on the plane... all the way to Lubbock they yelled - and they weren't even brother and sister, they had JUST met - total strangers, but they sure did fight like brother and sister. It was pretty bad. Yelling and everything - even yelling at the flight attendant! gees! anyways...

So, Derik picsk me up and saves me from this terrible nightmare and we drive home. I share all my wonderful plane stories and we pull up to his apartment. We walk in - lights off - and I set my luggage down. Derik says "let's go in the kitchen" which I head to and find this -->

My WONDERFUL boyfriend surprised me with a wonderful bouquet of roses, lit candles, he MADE chocolate covered strawberries (not shown here, I forgot to take a picture the actual night and had to remake this "event" right before I left Sunday) and had the most wonderful card for me to read. It was the most romantic surprise ever - thanks babe! love you! MWAH!

I also brought my new fun camera to Lubbock and on Saturday, I told Derik I wanted to go take pictures of Texas Tech's campus - which is lovely and the buildings are beautiful Spanish architecture. The weather was perfect and beautiful, so, this is what came of our Saturday outing... thanks for the tour babe!

TTU'S stained glass on the front of their football stadium... (Jones AT&T Stadium)

Here's the stadium a little farther away... see the stained-glass in the middle?
And, once again a little farther away... they have a really pretty front on their stadium.

Derik wouldn't let me take any pics of him... but this was the only one.

I tried something a little interesting with this picture and put a colored filter over top of it... makes it look kind of cool I think...

Close-up of some of the fences...

THE Masked Rider

Some cool looking grass... hey - I liked it...

I can't remember how much the actual percentage is, but, for every building Tech builds, a certain percentage has to be put towards art/sculptures of some type. They have A LOT of different sculptures around campus. This one is one of many different punctuation marks (they had # : !) It's pretty cool.. Derik wanted me to get the ? so here it is...

This is a Double-T bench donated by some Senior class a long time ago... still, pretty cool!

More types of grass... it's from the pic above...

Tech also has BEAUTIFUL arches that cast all sorts of BEAUTIFUL shadows... I loved that.

Tech's bell towers...

Thought this was too good to pass up...

I loved all 3 of them...

Will Rogers and Soapsuds - the horse... this statue is the most well-known on Tech's campus. Here's a little excerpt off the site -

"According to one legend, the plan to face Will Rogers so that he could be riding off into the sunset did not work out as it would cause Soapsuds' rear to be facing downtown. To solve this problem, the horse and Will was turned 23 degrees to the east so the horse's posterior was facing in the direction of Texas A&M, one of the school's rivals.

Before every home football game the Saddle Tramps wrap Old Will with red crepe paper. Will Rogers and Soapsuds have also been wrapped in black crepe paper to mourn national tragedies."

I know you faithful Aggies won't appreciate that... haha!

Tech's Seal at front of campus...

Pretty waterfull...

Well, I know that was a lot, but I really like telling stories and taking pictures. So, whoever reads this, sorry! :) haha!

REMEMBER - tomorrow is Election Day in Texas - so GET OUT THERE AND VOTE!





Even though the picts are hard to look at...hahaha I love them!!! I want kyle and i's pict taken really bad! I will see you soon and maybe we can pick a time to do a photo shoot!!!! Maybe you will have to come to CS to take picts of us at A&M...hahahaha!!!! We still love Derik...just giving him a hard time!
Love, Britt