Friday, February 15, 2008

Hello Blogging World...

Well Folks,

I am officially a blogger... I don't know how long I'll keep this up, but it's definitely fun.

Starting off, I had a HORRIBLE week - like truly horrible. I was sick as a dog and still have the 'crud' - yuck!

I had to take Monday off work and now it's going to be raining and storming all weekend here in Central Tx and that does not make for a happy pretty weekend... Oh well...

I have fun news - I got a new fancy camera that I want to start doing photography with. I've always wanted to but I just never got around to it... or I was too scared to start something... probably the latter. I really love photography and always have! Can't wait to start using it because, if you remember - I was sick ALL week! If any of you want some photos taken... let me know and we can talk about it. I'm wanting to start doing it for real!

Well... I guess that's a good enough post for now.




I want a BLOG!!! I always read these...I feel pathetic :)
I also want you to take picts of me and Kyle. I am so excited that you finally got your camera. I know you have really been wanting that!!! Kyle and I have not had a good pict since our wedding and I really want a big picture to put about the mantel (sp?) (the future one :) Call me soon. I miss you and you have to show me how to get a blog.


YAY :) So glad you have a blog!!!

Thats so exciting about your camera...girl you will be so good at that!! I wish we lived closer and i could use your talent :) Maybe when we're home!! Photo shoot!!!

I hope you feel better!! I love you sweet friend!!
Welcome to blogging land :)

Courtney Moore

oooo girlllllll! I want a camera!!!! I'm excited to see you soon. I can't wait! Glad you're in the blogging world!!! Love you!