Monday, February 15, 2010

1st Vday Married & Shrimp Cocktail :)

Well this was a crazy week as you'll see in my post below... Sorry for that but sometimes you just need to let it out there...

But this past weekend was a good one :)

For one... On Friday, I got candies from a co-worker because I had been covering one of his jobs while he tried to get his car fixed for a few weeks... Hey I'll take it! YUM sour gummy candy - my fav :) really!

He actually made my day because it didn't start out that great, I've been really emotional about everything lately!!! No good! So it was a welcome surprise. And you bet I ate those little heart candies... I let Derik have the others, because, I'm not a glutton or anything.

Then... While I finished up work... I started looking at puppies :) we really want a puppy, but right now Derik doesn't really want to pay for one :/ boo! So we're waiting until my Aunt and Uncle's dog has puppies. She said they'll give us one for free! YAY! :) They're little Shih Tzu's and that's what Derik grew up with, he loves them :) Look at what our future puppy could look like:

photo found:

BUT these are the ones I found online on Austin Pet's Alive (GREAT organization!)

These aren't free... But LOOK! :)

These are Border/Terrier Mixes...
photo from AustinPetsAlive

Derik said no :( how can you say NO to these faces!? Not possible!
The Austin Pets Alive site shows you where certain puppies will be if you want to adopt the next day... and there were 4 available Friday... Saturday night, 2 were gone... I said "Derik, you let 2 of those puppies get away!" hahaha!

oh - and - I JUST looked, and now they're all gone!!! "Derik, you let all 4 get away!" :) haha!

VDAY! (presents)

I came home that night to a candle lit living room and these on the coffee table :)

This picture was taken after the fact...

Derik chose these flowers because he recognized the "green flowers" from our wedding :) LOVE him! I then told him they were green hydrangeas if he wanted to know the real name :)

Regardless I LOVE them!!! :)

We then watched the 2010 Olympics opening ceremony - AWESOME!

VDAY! (dinner)

Saturday he planned a surprise dinner. That in itself is a feat for him... not that he can't plan things, but he can't keep things a SURPRISE! He's like a little kid and wants to tell me, or wants me to guess... He even drove down a street and did some loops to confuse me - hahaha! He siad "haha tricked you!" then we passed a Boston Market and he "pretend" pulled in and said, "this is where we're going!" This I did not believe, because he chose my outift and had me dress up, I don't think you get dressed up for Boston Market... haha! :)

I had an inkling of a fact only because every time he talks about wanting to go to somewhere nice - it's always Truluck's :) but hey, I'm not one to complain!

We didn't realize we needed a reservation - duh! what were we thinking :) So, we waited in the lounge and got a table within 10 mins!!! If we had put our name on the list for the main room, it was 1 hour 45 min wait! GO US!

It was an eventful dinner... I ordered something that I thought was something else... it was Shrimp Cocktail, but I thought it was more like Fish Daddy's Shrimp cocktail - if you've been there then you know... BUT it was just the REGULAR shrimp cocktail... Which, I know what that is, just not what I was expecting... Derik says "you know each of these shrimp is like $3" (the appetizer was $15...) this made me sad, he should not have said that... (remember, VERY emotional this past week) and I was kind of in a bad mood cause I thought he was mad at me... he wasn't, he just wanted dessert over appetizers... I told him that when he takes me out, he should just make the decisions so I don't mess anything up... I don't eat fancy a lot :) haha!

I also told him we need to discuss our "plan of action" before we order... then we know what each other is thinking...

Lesson learned :)

We then went home and watched the Olympics :)

TODAY - I had made Derik come do a Gold's Gym Body Pump Class with me... (it's weight-lifting to music) I think he thought he'd do good... but all day long he's been complaining of his back... I don't blame him, my back hurts too. BUT - now he can't get mad at me for not working out - that class is HARD! Now he sees what I do! He was proud :)

Lesson learned :)



Ashlee Janaye

Ahh I love Body Pump!! The first time I did it I think I was sore for 2 weeks... literally! I'm glad yall had a fabulous Valentine's Day :]