Thursday, December 10, 2009

Finally... Christmas

So I finally was able to take pictures of all of our Christmas decorations and our VERY first Christmas. AND Santa came a little early this year and gave us some cool things called Iphones :)

Which is what I used to take all these photos AND to write this post with too!!!! ENJOY!

O Christmas tree o Christmas tree, how lovely are your brrraaannnches :)

I was so excited for our tree. It is decorated in "my" green and coppers and golds and browns. Never thought I'd choose that but I love it!!! Can we keep it up all year long??

Newlywed stockings :) and do you see my snow friends down there? They were a present from my mother-in-law last Christmas

Another friend I got from Kohls with some wedding money. He was on sale so I had to get him!

We also made Derik a special tree specifically decorated TECH. What else of course :)

It even has various photos of us from the games while he was in school - FUN!

And we can't forget our outside lights :) we actually put these up the weekend BEFORE Thanksgiving because we were oh so excited about CHRISTMAS!!!

And ladies, I'm proud to say we are FINISHED with our Christmas shopping!! Well you know except for those various odds and ends :)

Are you as excited as I am?? I LOVE Christmas!

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