Friday, October 3, 2008

Bad News, Good News, Bad News...

That's what today's been like...

While I had a GREAT morning... I have not had luck with things this afternoon.

Ok, people like bad news first right? Well, I know I do. That way you can recover from whatever the bad is when you hear the good.

Onto the News:

Bad News First - So, I check my email OFTEN throughout the day - I know, pathetic. What else is a girl to do at work when there's nothing going on. So, I open an email stated "A Change in your Registry" from Crate and Barrel. I open it and notice this...

Dear Registrant,

Please be aware that we will no longer carry the following dinnerware and flatware patterns in our stores. However, limited quantities of this pattern(s) will be available online

our BEAUTIFUL plates that we LOVE are no longer going to be sold at Crate and Barrel. SAD DAY! I called Derik right away and he was like "Why..." :( We loved them, but I guess we can love another...

ok, onto some GOOD NEWS... Derik and I booked our honeymoon this week! Wednesday October 1, 2008 - to be exact! We are SOOOO excited...

doesn't it look beautiful!?

The Aventura Spa Palace is in Riviera Maya, Mexico. It is ALL-INCLUSIVE, and includes a "Palace Passport" - which includes like 8 different tours and activities FREE! We'll get to go tour the ruins and snorkel and go to other various places FREE!

We are thrilled to say the least! :)

Ok... Cakes... I just got a voice message from our *maybe* cake lady. We were supposed to meet with her next week like on Wednesday. I called her LAST week and left a message. I hadn't heard from her, so I called her yesterday and left ANOTHER message. She left me a message today saying she "didn't get my first message and that she just listened to my second message today. She apologizes but she already told her son's teacher that she'd help with class next Wednesday. But, she'd be happy to reschedule..." :(

My mom already planned on going to work late that day... now we have to plan another day. With PSATs coming soon, my mom is busy at work... I don't know, we'll see...

I was really excited about meeting with her though :(

Ok, that's all for now. Hopefully no more bad news :)

Brittney *Melton*
**** I know these things aren't the end of the world... but, it is still kind of sad, right?****