Monday, April 7, 2008

A Summer in Austin

Ok, so it's been a while and I still need to put up some pics of my neighbor's senior portraits. They are done, just not up... :(

Some other news, which you may get from the title, is some really big news. Derik got an internship in Dallas, TX - which would make you think he's working in Dallas. Well, this week I got a surprise - it went something like this.

Derik: "well, I have a big praise to tell you..."

Me: "What?"

Derik: "Well, I was talking to a girl in my class (Tara) and she's going to be interning with Balfour Beatty (the Dallas company, the same company Derik will be working for) as well..."

Me: "ok"

Derik: "Well, she asked me if I had received my project yet - where I'd be working... and I haven't... so, she goes on to tell me that they gave her a choice between working in Austin and Dallas... and Tara said she chose Austin."

Me: "They have projects in Austin?"

Derik: "yea, that's what i thought, so I called Haley (Dallas girl) and asked her if Tara wouldn't mind, if I could switch with her..."

Me: "yea......."

Derik: "so, I begged Tara, and she said yes... so it looks like I'll be in Austin this summer..."

Me: (still confused) "uh huh"

I didn't believe him and I was kind of at a loss of words as to what was actually going on. You see I had already wrapped my head around "ok, Derik's going to be in Dallas... it's only like 3 months... it'll be closer... we can visit each other more often... etc." So, now that it's sunk in, I'm really excited. AND Derik is REALLY excited which makes it even more fun.

This is something that seemed totally out of the blue, but Derik will be in Austin this summer!

His project is AWESOME! It's been all over the news... because you see... Austin has some big buildings, but nothing like Dallas or Houston. But he will be working on a condominium project called THE AUSTONIAN - it's going to be 50+ stories tall - which will make it THE BIGGEST BUILDING IN DOWNTOWN AUSTIN - AND IT WILL BE THE TALLEST RESIDENTIAL BUILDING OUTSIDE OF HOUSTON AND DALLAS. Sorry but those words needed capital letters... it's so cool.

I've had to make graphics for it at work, so I knew a lot about it!

We even drove downtown to see it and it's so cool - even though it is only like 2 stories completed.

Derik won't know if this is a project that he can continue with after graduation in December, but he's excited regardless... and so am I.

If you'll be praying for his internship and the work that may follow after graduation, we'd both appreciate it so much. It's amazing to see how much peace Derik has gotten from this. And, even when I was ok with Dallas this summer - I knew Derik wasn't, and God provided a way for Derik to be home and save money... God is so good!

Love you all!




ok i have *goose bumps*!!!!! Brittney that is so *amazing*!!! I am thrilled beyond words for you and Derik...i know how much *ease* your heart must feel!!! Thats just going to be great!!!!!! Yay for ya'll!! Tell Derik i said Congrats!!!!
And then...when summer is over...he will graduate in December!!! Its almost over!!! You have made it girl...even on the worst of days...
Love you!!!!