Friday, April 11, 2008

The Hagerman Family

I don't even know where to start.

Girls... I ask that you pray for the Hagerman family - even though I know you don't know them personally, but this year is unthinkable to me. I am in confusion over this and I ask that you PRAY!

Some of you might have seen my facebook status - "Brittney is asking you to pray for a man named Larry - from my church!" Well this is what's been going on.

Last August the Hagerman family was going on vacation. Larry, his wife DaNetta, daughter Ashley and son Wes. This family is so involved in our church and teach sunday school in the youth group. Not even a couple of miles from where they live. A truck pulled out in front of them to turn left from the right lane, and Larry swerved to miss him and ended up slamming into a concrete wall under a bridge and into a ditch. Thankfully Larry only had some bumps and bruises and Ashley and Wes were totally fine, but DaNetta sadly did not make it. It just broke my heart to see this beautiful woman of God being taken, although she is definitely in a better place. It just didn't make sense for this young family. Ashley is about 12-13 years old and Wes is probably 10. Our church family covered them with all the love that they could probably handle and then some. A family was taking Larry out just to get out and asked why didn't you "press charges" (even though he didn't know anything about the truck except it was Green and it was a Dodge.) The truck never stopped, and police were looking into finding him and Larry didn't want that. The family asked Larry why and he said "because I know that God meant for this to happen and I'm at peace with it" - my response WOW! wouldn't you want to punish that person which had taken your wife? Amazing... I have no words for this man. He CONTINUALLY led his children and CONTINUALLY came to church with amazing faith and trust in our Lord. It gives me chills, because I don't know if I could've been that strong... I know I want to be, but I am not. This man is a man of God no doubt. (the article about DaNetta is here)

Well, yesterday... Larry was involved in an accident on his job site. He either is a pilot or used to be or just works on planes - that I'm not sure of... but he was working on a plane yesterday and a co-worker accidentally pushed a button (or however it works) and a pressurized door flung open hard and hit Larry on the head causing him to black out. He was rushed to the hospital by starflight and had crushed his skull on one side and broken his back. The church sends out emails when things like this happen and were updating us throughout the day, the ministers went to the hospital. The second email stated that he was on life support. I was calling my family to see if they had heard anything else. Last night they stated that he had no brain activity and that he was still on life support, and that they didn't know if he'd make it through the night. Then when I came home from work, my mom said that there's been no change in Larry and the doctors did not want to give up on him and are giving him 72 hours and then they'd see what to do next.

My mom just called me and said that Larry passed away this morning at 4am.


I don't even know what to think or what to do. All I keep thinking about are Ashley and Wes, whose mother AND father were taken from them all in less than one year. I sit here and don't even have words. I don't know what they must be thinking or feeling.

Trying to think of why is about the only thing I can do right now. I'm stunned... 

God - you must have something AMAZING in store for these 2 young kids. Lord, that their lives would reflect YOU no matter how hard this tragedy has been. Lord, that they can run to You with open arms and that you would catch them. Lord, they've had the precious time with their parents here on earth and YOU are their father. Lord I know you have these 2 little children in your hands right now and all I can say is hold tight to them!

I know that Ashley and Wes are hurting right now, along with our church family. Would you please keep those 2 lives in your thoughts and prayers. Pray that they can have that breakdown if they need to and not feel ashamed. They WILL see these parents in heaven, no doubt about it, and it will be a JOYFUL reunion.

***Larry's sister lives in Dallas and as of right now, I think that she is going to move here to Austin and live with Ashley and Wes and take care of them. Please pray for this WHOLE situation!***



hey girl!
I am *praying*! Did you get my email about this? I sent it yesterday!

Sorry i missed your call last night...we were grilling out steaks outside...and i must have been in and out when you called. Lets try to pick a time this week... or maybe next weekend!!!

I miss you. I love you!!!