Friday, March 28, 2008


As I promised... Here are a few pics. I'm posting "the fun pics" - not that all of them aren't fun, cause they are - but these made me laugh!

Can't wait to get together again SOON! I loved it!

Drum roll please........


too cute!

Kyle makes me laugh!!! haha!

I almost want to say TA-DA!

"Daniel... open your eyes!!!"

"ok, lets put some sunglasses to make your eyes adjust"
Daniel looks like he's Mr. cool stuff - haha

This was the 1-2-3 and on 2 you both smiled and on 3 you both opened your eyes to each other... if that isn't meant to be than I don't know what is - haha!

Daniel's touching Courtney's booty - haha hehe :)

Derik holding EVERYONE'S sunglasses - haha thanks babe!

AND - I did not appreciate this Derik Wayne! :)

AND OF COURSE - the boys and their fountain impression - priceless... I still laugh!

Well, as for the rest of them, you have to wait for the postal services to bring that by. Love you all and I hope you enjoyed...




YEAH...haha I love the funny ones!
I was laughing out loud on the couch! And by the way Derik Wayne it was a cute pict :)

Love you for my Britt originals!



AHHH BRITT They are sooo good! I'm sooo excited to see the rest!!! LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU!



This looks GREAT! I may just have to hire you to take pics of the boys! Love you!


ooo yea that'd be fun!



Girl friend *amazing* pictures!!!! I love your new found talent!!! You look great with a camera!!

I miss you so much!! Love you!!!

Maybe one day we can all be in a photo shoot :)



I can't wait until we can all be in a photo shoot together either!

And thanks for the compliments - I really am loving it...

Miss you JO! Maybe a phone call soon? I could really use some JO!

Love you!


girl friend!! I didn't realize you had commented to me on your blog...silly!!!

I am still *dying* to see all the pics!!! How can i view all of them...

I love you!! and *YES* a phone date is a must...this week has been nuts...and i am just plain exhausted!!

love you!!