Monday, August 25, 2008

110 DAYS (and a little blue couch)...

No, not 110 days to the wedding... but to another important occasion for Derik and I. In 110 days... Derik will graduate! no more school, no more studying, no more long distance from Austin to Lubbock. (Although it might be Austin to Dallas until the wedding) But, nonetheless. I can't wait until 110 days pass and I know neither can Derik.

Had a great weekend moving him in to his LAST apartment for school. The next apartment/house I move him in to - I'll be moving in my stuff too :) Woo hoo! :) I know that it'll just fly by. I'll be there the weekend of Sept. 19/20/21 for family WKND and I plan on going at least 1-2 more times. Hopefully 2. I hope to make it to a couple of football games.

We've already talked about taking a trip to Lubbock next year for a weekend game. :) So fun! We'll be MARRIED and getting to plan our own little fun trips! so cool! :)

Another fun thing that happened this weekend:

You all probably remember that navy blue little couch I had in my dorm room. Ah yes... the little blue couch.

I gave it to Derik to use when he moved into his own apartment last year - and he's using it again this year. It's good for a little dorm for one person. But, not for an apartment with multiple people sitting. Maybe 2 - if you're lucky. Well, Ashley's furniture was having a garage sale in Lubbock on Saturday... so we decided to look around. We should've gotten there at 8am when they started, rather than 3pm where everything was already gone and sold! :( We looked around anyways and found a couch and loveseat. Derik went away to think about it and we ended up coming back and ordering them. What's so exciting is that these pieces of furniture are the FIRST thing we've gotten together FOR US! The first thing we've picked out FOR US as a married couple! Derik will use them this semester and then wherever he gets a job next spring... and then I'll get to use them in OUR house/apartment!

So fun!

Brittney *Melton*



So happy for you Brittney! Just think...pretty soon you will never have to say goodbye! :)